Have fun and learn with the getKanban game

The getKanban Board Game is a physical game designed to teach the concepts and mechanics of Kanban for software development in a class or workshop setting. It’s hands-on, engaging, and fun!” – getkanban.com

Kanban Principles

  1. Visualize the workflow
  2. Limit WIP
  3. Manage Flow
  4. Make Process Policies Explicit
  5. Improve Collaboratively (using models & the scientific method)

Here’s score table we will keep up top date

Position Score Location Team Strategy Queueing sprints
1 17,585 Vancouver, BC Agent 9, Agent 13 Anti-Pattern *2 – Increase assigned, design and development WIPs 3
2 16,785 Vancouver, BC Agent 9, Agent 13 Anti Pattern *1 – Leave WIPs unchanged throughout the game 3

NOTE: The overall score depends on your strategy and the luck of the dice

Interested? If you are in the Victoria or Vancouver, British Columbia area, we can schedule a game with 6-7 of your team members.


  1. The default game setup will create a blockage (queue) in the test column, because most tasks are heavier on testing than analysis, or development. You need lucky dice for this one.
  2. Based on anti-pattern *1, increasing the WIP limits should make the situation worse, unless you throw a few exceptional dice.

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