DevOps Victoria – Open Space was all about collaboration

My trip to the DevOps Victoria meetup started with a 35 minute hop from Vancouver to Victoria by seaplane. Wonderful weather, turbulence (thanks Alex!), and a relaxing 10 minute stroll from the Victoria harbor to the meetup.

The meetup was hosted at Victopia, described as “a co-working space in old town Victoria. It’s a community of independent entrepreneurs enjoying the synergy of working alongside like-minded business people actively engaged in building a successful business”. Here’s a few images from the fascinating co-working space…

Cool Space!
Need some quiet time?
Brent, Agent of Chaos #77, @brentareed

The suggested topics for the Open Space were Feature Flags and Toggles, Roles in DevOps or Positions, and Launching Darkly.

We explored and discussed a wide range of topics, all aligned with the proposed agenda 🙂 Deployment rings were definitely dominating the discussions, whereby we cover them and feature flags in more detail in our DevOps Transformation Guide.

The menu of some of the discussed topics
I love the name and description of this role! Sourced from Disciplined Agile.

Looking back, the Open Space concept was interesting, triggering a variety of interesting, vibrant, and valuable discussions. It fosters collaboration, a major ingredient of the DevOps secret sauce, and one of the core reasons I love to support these meetups.

We’ll I am heading back to the other side of the pond, to resume the DevOps and CloudOps adventures at WorkSafeBC.

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