Meet the Overlords!

Floating high above the Minions feverously working below, in the white spire, the Overlords are lording. Managing, measuring and Overlording as they have since the ’70s. Yes, these bold and beautiful brains dance in their glass office, mindful that their customers need to be continuously delighted.

A crackling of electricity can be heard down the hallways and Mr. Maverick the CIO knows when IT is being summoned, and when the Overlords have questions that need to be answered. Yes, these stalwart leaders are the leaders of yesterday, disrupted by the new generation of customers and needy people of this new generation! Why do the customers demand transparency, such as how they treat their suppliers, their worker bees, and the environment? They have no patience. These new younger customers want it now and won’t wait, or they will just blab, blab, blab all over the internet, and then just leave! So why is IT so slow? Why is the time to market taking so long? Why are we guessing what our customers really want? These Overlords wish to know, this is ITs’ responsibility to make sure they deliver. Why isn’t that what “digital transformation” is all about? The Overlords chuckle as they hear Mr. Maverick the CIO come down the hall, they know he promised Digital Transformation, and he better deliver, because Digital Transformation is all up to IT; or is it? “Hmmm, they wonder….” as they wait for the CIO to enter the room.

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