Global DevOps Bootcamp Vancouver 2019 – Overview

We had the privilege to host the Global DevOps Bootcamp, in Vancouver, beautiful British Columbia. Together with three phenomenal proctors, Dana, Dennis, and Mark, we collaborated, experimented, and learned for an entire day.

Those of you who have joined us at Global DevOps Bootcamp in previous years know we have been exercising how to build modern apps using continuous delivery and DevOps practices. This year we shifted gears and took our skills to the next level by levering rugged DevOps principles, with a focus on three important phases:

  • Detect. Get insights into how your system behaves to make you and your users aware of any anomalies.
  • Respond. Connect with your users to make sure users are aware of the issue.
  • Recover. Action remediation to get your system back into operation.
A truly global event!

Our Vancouver team was divided into three tribes, each with two pods, and a theme of their own.

Dana’s tribe were the Cylons.
Mark’s (gent on the left) tribe was chilling in the tropics
Dennis’ tribe was all about DevOps with a lot of WorkSafeBC colleagues

Although we had two demonstrations, a raving event, and stunningly beautiful weather outside, 75% of the registered attendees showed up, plus two engineers who unfortunately had to leave early with their hair on fire, to respond and recover a real-time incident back at work. We were sorry we missed the other 25%, which missed an awesome group of people and an opportunity to dabble with Azure, Azure DevOps, and these challenges:

  • SSL Certificate suddenly expired
  • Credentials are leaked and are rotated
  • Denial of service attack on your application
  • Exception rate goes up
  • Flaky connections causes intermittent errors
  • Twitter Sentiment for goes negative due to issue with site / last deployment
  • Supply chain attack on dependency
  • Promotion of the company by Social Media campaign of the DevOps team 😃

By the way, the global infrastructure consisted of a brain-numbing …

  • 1530 Resource groups
  • 1340 App Service Plans
  • 1340 Application Insights
  • 1340 App Services
  • 96 SQL servers
  • 1340 SQL databases
  • 1340 Azure DevOps Teams

Here is a progress report on the day’s challenges in Vancouver …

Here are a few snippets from a special day…

Agent of chaos, Brent, surrounded by SWAG

We’ll share attendee feedback and everyone’s favourite tribe who will win a signed copy of Mik’s PROJECT TO PRODUCT book in a subsequent post.

Please visit and bookmark these sites:

Without the organizers, proctors, hosts, and sponsors the event would not have been possible!

A huge THANK YOU and v-HUG from Vancouver, BC!

Until next time!

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