Global DevOps Bootcamp Vancouver 2019 – Feedback

We received an overwhelming “thumbs up” feedback from our attendees in Vancouver, beautiful British Columbia.


We had 30 attendees out of a confirmed 40, which means that we moved the needle from 50% drop-off in 2018 to 25% in 2019.

The number of no-shows remains a frustration. We had over 30 people on the waitlist who lost out on an exciting event, not to mention the sponsors and hosts who invested a lot precious family time to host the free event.

We’re thinking of charging a minimal fee in future. If you attend, the fee is refunded. For all no-shows, the fee is donated to charity. What are your thoughts on this?


How likely are you to recommend the boot camp to a friend or colleague?

Net Promoter Score (NPS) question we asked all attendees 
NPS Score is a reflection of the high-quality of content delivered by the GDBC core team!


Here is the verbatim feedback from our attendees:

  • Excellent event, well organized with quality, meaningful challenges. Also, great support all along the way.
  • I enjoyed been in this boot camp, meet wonderful people and loved the challenges.
  • I love it.
  • It would be great if we can go back to review details information of challenges on the completed challenges without restarting them.”
  • Not having the pressure of competition, and being a place where you can face the challenge and learn.
  • Sharing experience, learn troubleshooting of Azure DevOps.
  • The challenges are much better designed than 2018. All Azure and Azure DevOps resources are pre-provisioned nicely. We were able to finished majority of challenges. No dependency of each challenge is awesome, too! It allows us to quickly move on one challenge to another. Great work. Thank you!
  • The boot camp was just a great experience for learning and getting new skills. Please do it again!
  • More dev. Hybridize last year and this year.
  • Learning things together and quickly.
  • Dana (our Proctor) was excellent and knowledgeable. He was very helpful, and even taught us new things on top of what was included in the material.
  • Challenges were challenging enough (not too easy and boring, not too hard and frustrating).
  • Not sure how to improve this, but some people did not show up. It would have been good to know this earlier as I know of people who would have liked to come.”
  • Excellent preparation by the team setting up all the Azure environments. Another shout out to Willy and Brent on preparation and setup of the environment. Well done.
  • Enjoyed it and learned a lot.
  • It’s an excellent workshop.
  • The scenario; environment setup before starting and simulating issues on each scenarios is amazing.
  • If you can replicate this next year, it would be great.
  • Good presentation and setup for the class. Well organized.
  • Very informative. Keep up the good work.
  • Great boot camp as an organizer the documentation and setup was great.
  • It was very educational. I honestly would love to do it again. I wish the team environment was a little bit more tech-oriented. Well, I guess you cannot predict everything =) The challenges were very well balanced between tech and non-tech tasks, so following simple footsteps was an enjoyable process. Thanks to Mike for being patient with us, he helped a lot.

Here is a short video on feedback from the Tropical Chill team …

WOW, THANK YOU for all the feedback and to everyone who helped us make it possible.

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