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DevOps has matured over the years and those who practice it are creating measurable data which can provide insight and support many theories. This data is being picked up by research groups like DORA, who have pulled in over five years of data from reliable (5000+) sources and have published annual reviews of how DevOps is being implemented. Like all new ways of working, it takes hearts and minds to convince others to join forces in improving and progressing beyond the “memory muscle” that builds up over time by simply doing what we do. The 7% is a presentation I created from the DORA 2018 report and is connected to an article I am in the middle of writing. As a little peek & poke into my forthcoming article, I have put together a few points about why “The 7%” is so important.

In 2018 – a new group called “Elite” emerged from the “High” DevOps profile
  • The Elite profile has unique characteristics whereby the value, approach, and breadth of DevOps sets them apart (among other trademarks)
  • The gap is widening exponentially between the Low DevOps performers profile and High to Elite; further Low to Medium performers have a very significant gap in performance and Low performers on the verge of just dropping out
  • Classicly, the leadership has no real idea of how their DevOps teams are performing thus are disconnected to the real value DevOps can or could bring (they just don’t really buy into it…)
  • DevOps performance is not affected by an industry or business type, thus any business, private or public, in any industry can achieve high and elite performance
  • Stability and throughput are not polar opposites and both can be achieved without compromising, the high & elite performers have proven this (with real hard data)
  • Connecting and baking in “Operational Performance” into the Software Delivery Performance lifecycle brings value across the enterprise and “wakes up the business” so that Leaders can execute small batches of innovation, exploratory products and services for, quick feedback increasing value to all stakeholders and making the business a disruptor
Some of the tools and techniques that make Elite Performers part of the 7%

More to come, link to the published article soon! -AoC #77

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